The Academy

Destined to Worship Arts & Dance Academy offers quality instruction in Worship Instruments, Ballet, Lyrical, Pointe, Jazz,  Hip Hop, and Baton choreography while also promoting morality and self-confidence.


Our classes are fun and the students learn appropriate skills at appropriate times all in a Christ-centered environment.   You will be refreshed with our commitment to Christian values as well as the commitment in helping you succeed. All of our dancers increase in talent, ability, coordination, confidence, and grace. Whether or not they have had dance training, they will be encouraged to do their best and to be their best.


Our students are also taught terminology so that they know the vocabulary associated with what they are learning physically.  We teach our students that productions will be ministry based and a life changing experience using a plethora of appropriate music genres.  It is their chance to have fun, to praise and honor the Lord Jesus Christ through dance. 


Most importantly, our primary goal is to honor God in all we do.  We want to be a blessing to you and your family. 


Our mission as an Academy is to use movement to bring souls to Christ and strengthen the hearts of believers to enhance their relationship with God.